It’s that time of year again, when we all pause and think about what and who we’re thankful for, count the blessings in our lives and give thanks to the One who provides. Everyone is thinking and planning for next week’s feast, making grocery lists, maybe doing some pre-baking already, looking forward to spending a long weekend with family and friends.

As I look back on the past year I’m filled with so much thankfulness my heart could burst! We went from having a dream of a food truck to, well, Having a Food Truck! Our truck, a re-purposed Navy van isn’t fancy. We drove it home from Molalla Oregon one day in April in a rain storm and it was clear that it had lived in the desert it’s whole life, never having been weatherized for rain! I followed behind in the car and at a rest stop we laughed and shook our heads as it had rained as much inside the truck as outside along the I-5 corridor. We laid all our paperwork out on the seats of the car to dry the rest of the way home.

As I think of that day in April and all the days since, it hasn’t been lost on us that we have not only friends and family to thank for so much support, but really, a whole town of people that have supported our new venture in ways we have found amazing and surprising and we would be remiss if we didn’t publicly thank them somehow. And so, this, our first blog post is for all the people who have come alongside us and cheered us on as we’ve built this little food truck, our place to cook the kind of food we love.

In no particular order we want to thank:

Andy Lott and his crew at Al’s RV for first of all weatherizing the truck to keep the rain out, and then working with us to design, order, and install everything we needed to make this Navy van a kitchen on wheels. Your attention to so many details we wouldn’t have thought of have helped make our truck truly our own, and we appreciate your ongoing ideas, advice, help, and friendship. Thank you to all of the Lotts!

Ben Ferhrer at KSP Prints for the signage on the truck. Ben and his artistic team worked with us to get the feel we wanted and helped bring our Austrailian Shepherd, Bosco back to life, jumping off the side of the truck with that silly big stick in his mouth. Thank you Ben for all your assistance and work with getting our logo on the truck so people recognize us rolling down the highway!

Jamie and Lisa Imus and Ryan and Shayne Grams at Country Financial for asking us to give them 4 gallons of BBQ Sauce last June… and then putting it in jars and taking it as gifts to their referral partners, who then began calling and asking us to come and cook for their summer company picnics and launched us into a projectory we could not have planned ourselves! Your continued support, both in insuring our business and loving our food enough to tell everyone you know they should find us reminds us of small town local businesses of yesteryear when neighbors just looked out for each other. (Last week’s event at Overflow Taps was fantastic) Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the leg up.

Thank you to our small group who listened to us dream and plan this Food Truck for the past year and who has taste-tested our food for the past 10 years! We love doing life with you, love our meals together and love each of you more than we can put into words.

Our kids who went in together to buy their dad his first smoker 10 years ago, you couldn’t have known then that you were launching your dad into a new career, but you were. Thank you for thinking of such a thoughtful and fun Christmas present, it reminds me that each of us, without knowing it, could be helping someone find that one thing they are really great at and that needs to be shared with the world! Your support this year, your reposting so many of Big Stick BBQ’s Facebook posts, bringing your friends to the food truck and bragging up your dad, are all ways you continue to encourage us and bless us. We thank God for each of you every single day of your lives. For real, not just saying that.

To our parents and our siblings, your encouragement, critique, cheerleading, and prayers, your pride in us and your communication of that has bolstered us in a way we didn’t know we needed. Thank you for loving our food, for loving us, and for showing up to the food truck whenever you can! For those of you who’ve even worked on the truck, thank you for making our new job seem like hanging out with family and friends, because it kinda is and we don’t want to forget that.

To our friend Jordan who is hanging out with us picking up the slack while one of us still works two jobs, thank you for still being our friend after all these years. God keeps bringing you back to us for some reason, and we don’t need to know why, we’re just so glad He does. You’re one of ours, and you just can’t fight it, so don’t try.

Thank you Bellingham Washington for finding our truck, for loving Rick’s cooking, and for coming back over and over again. Thank you for telling your friends about us and bringing them the next time you come. Thank you for being the best little town a food truck could want.

We love you.

We love our town.

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